About the Press

Many Worlds Press was founded in 2014 to publish Eleanor Arnason’s Hidden Folk, a collection of her stories based on the Icelandic sagas and folktales.

We at the Press are very pleased to have worked with book designer John D. Berry in Seattle and printer Thomson-Shore in Dexter, Michigan, to bring you a hardcover first edition designed and manufactured with the same care, detail, and grace that are the hallmarks of Eleanor’s writing.

We believe in the value of a well-wrought book: the power of the virtuously composed page to give form and clarity to the written word, and the timeless satisfaction of holding a treasured cloth-bound book in one’s hands.

We also believe these principles can be applied to the production of books in digital formats as well, and we intend to bring the same high-quality reading experience to a Hidden Folk e-book release later in 2015.

At present Hidden Folk is the Press’s only title, but as our name suggests, there are many worlds yet to explore. We invite you to visit us at Facebook for news, updates, and more.


We welcome orders for Hidden Folk through our online catalog. For additional information about ordering, please see our Customer Resources page.

Retailers, wholesalers, libraries, and schools can order directly from the Press. Please inquire at info@manyworldspress.com.


We are closed to unsolicited, unagented submissions at this time.


Please direct all inquiries to info@manyworldspress.com.